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Welcome to all who are interested in the ways in which countries, armies, and fighting units try to diminish the effectiveness of their enemies and sustain the morale of their friends during times of war.

Although interested in all propaganda media my primary interest is in the written word. I study:

My aim is to research, write and promote interest in this field and, as a basis for this, I am trying to build a reference collection of original material from all wars this century, especially:

The First World War; The Second World War; Korea; Malaya; Vietnam; the Falklands; the Gulf War; Kosovo; Afghanistan; Iraq....

I invite you to take a look at my account of the use of leaflet propaganda in the Vietnam Wars

Can you help? Please e-mail me if you have:

Readers who are interested in leaflet and other forms of propaganda are recommended to visit the web pages of the Psywar Society.

February 2008