It seems two attempts were needed to produce a satisfactory 1 Dong propagandised note. In this, the first version, which is coded 4540, there is a grammatical error. According to Herb Friedman, who has published extensively on currency notes used for propaganda purposes, the 7 line message on the obverse side should have the word "cach" inserted after "cai" on the second line. Otherwise it does not make sense. The corrected version translates as "Watch out for another currency reform. You could lose all your property and the fruits of your hard earned labours". The text on the reverse reads "The Party destroys the value of your money in a hopeless war. As the war goes on there is nothing to buy. War destroys your homeland. The money you saved will become worthless". Another version of this note exists with just one apparent change, namely a different code number, 4543, that is printed horizontally on the text extension.. The grammatically correct version is also coded 4543, but the code number is printed vertically on the extension. All three notes are found with a number of different serial numbers.

Herb Friedman reports that yet another version of this note exists without code number and bears a different message.