This leaflet was dropped by SEAC over Saigon in August 1945. Headed "TO ALL JAPANESE IN FRENCH INDO-CHINA", it goes on to say that "By command of his Majesty the Emperor, acting on the instructions of the Allies, all Japanese forces in French Indo-China have been ordered to cease fighting from August 14, and the war is over. This order applies not only to fighting against our regular forces, but also to clashes with resistant and guerrilla forces in French Indo-China." It then quotes from the Emperor's acceptance of the Joint declaration of the Governments of the United States, Great Britain, China and the Soviet Union regarding the cessation of fighting, urging "Beware most strictly of any outbursts of emotion ..". Finally, it states that "Any further resistance shown by Japanese troops will be a breach of the undertaking signed by his Majesty the Emperor , and will be punished. On your behaviour depends not only your own fate but that of your homeland". The code number is SJF/143 which denotes SEAC Japan French Indo-China, leaflet number 143.