Headed "WHY ARE THE VIET CONG RICE TAXES SO VERY HIGH?", this leaflet, part of the "VC Vulnerability " series, tries to drive a wedge between the Viet Cong and its supporters and others in the villages. Although an American leaflet, coded SP-806, it reads as if the message comes from the villagers themselves.

The reverse, headed "BECAUSE THE VIET CONG ARE LOSING THE WAR! goes on to say "The Viet Cong are now desperate for rice. In the North, the Chinese are pressing them continually for more rice to pay for their guns and ammuniaion. Here in the South, it is becoming much more difficult for the Viet Cong to supply their forces in the field, since the Government forces are seizing more of their supply and storage areas. As the Chinese squeeze Uncle Ho in the North, the Viet Cong soldiers are starving in the South, and the Viet Cong intend to make us starve with them".