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Click to enlargeLIFE DEATHimage ref:
To the young GIs who were targeted by this WWII German leaflet, dropped in Italy, the pretty girl represented the joys of life after the war's end. The leaflet's reverse shows the alternative for those who fought bravely but at risk to themselves - death pictured as an American helmeted skull.
Click to enlargeYou Americans are sooo-different!image ref:
In WWII British civlians described the Americans in Britain as being "overpaid, oversexed and over here". The illustration on this German leaflet, dropped on British soldiers in Italy, plays on fears of what could be happening to wives and sweethearts back home.
Click to enlargeTommy your next leaveimage ref:
Images such as this suggested to the battle field soldier that he would never again make love to his wife or sweetheart. By the time of his next leave she would have cope with his death.
Click to enlargeThat goes doubleimage ref:
This Japanese leaflet, disseminated to Australian troops in the Pacific, is in two parts. The first, not shown, shows graphically what the Yanks are getting up to with Australian wives and girlfriends at home. But it also pictures Aussie soldiers ravishing the local tribal beauties. Curious!
Click to enlargeThe foreign worker sticks it in firm and trueimage ref:
British "black" leaflets such as this were teased into the hands of German soldiers in occupied Europe. They graphically illustrate how lonely German women were behaving with foreign war workers. (Note that the genitalia area of the leaflet, which leaves nothing to the imagination, has been blurred to make it less offensive to viewers).
Click to enlargeSave your wife and sistersimage ref:
Sexual explicit images were not used in the Korean War. They would have been too offensive. This UN leaflet, aimed at North Korean soldiers and civilians, describes how North Korean women are being raped by Communist Chinese soldiers, a way of causing friction between them and their Korean comrades.

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