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Himmler for president Reference: 00282A
Postage stamps can be weapons of war. Sefton Delmer, the British master of "black" propaganda in WWII, decided to destabilise Himmler by putting it about that he had ambitions to take over from Hitler. One of the ways he did this was to produce "postage stamps" with Himmler's head instead of Hitler's. They were affixed to letters addressed to prominent journalists in neutral countries in the expectation that they would be noticed. The resulting reports would then be read in Germany and Himmlers "pretentions" would be revealed with, hopefully, dire consequences for him. In the event, the stamps were not initially noticed and the British propagandists had to persist and distribute the stamps in many different ways to generate a response. Eventually reports about the stamp appeared all over the world but Himmler laughed it off! His standing in Germany was not threatened.